About Us

The School for Legal Training was previously known as the Centre for Legal Compliance (June 2012 to July 2017). The name change was necessary to give expression to the new mission and focus of our training programmes. The focus of the new venture, the School for Legal Training, is to provide high quality legal training to legal practitioners and their support staff, as described in the new Legal Practice Act 28 of 2014, but in particular to attorneys, candidate attorneys and administrative staff working in these legal practices.

The School for Legal Training is a sister entity to the Centre for Conveyancing Practice. Both these enterprises are owned and managed by Gawie le Roux, an attorney and conveyancer from Pretoria and nationally known for his training of conveyancers, conveyancing secretaries and notaries public for more than two decades.

Training programmes

The three main training programmes we offer appears on the home page, namely -

  • Board examination courses
  • Diploma courses
  • Legal seminars

More information regarding each of these programmes can be viewed on their respective pages.

Unique feature of our training model

The most distinctive feature of our courses and seminars is the quality of the manuals that we supply at our courses and seminars. The comprehensive set of notes serve as a practical and useful reference source afterwards.

Relevant topics

Dynamic and relevant topics are chosen for our seminars in response to the challenging demands of the legislative process in South Africa.

Quality manuals

The practice manuals provided during our seminars can also be purchased here.



Gawie le Roux

Gawie le Roux has made a name for himself in the legal profession through his study notes on conveyancing practice and the lectures he has presented at various centres throughout the country to prepare attorneys and candidate attorneys for the conveyancing examination. Under his guidance study notes has also been compiled to prepare candidates for the notarial examination and lectures on this topic are presented at various venues countrywide by his colleague, Erinda Frantzen.

Gawie is also an active investor in property.  He is the managing director of two private investment companies.


Anneke van der Vyver

The office administrative team is headed by Anneke van der Vyver, who is also our bookkeeper.  Anneke is also responsible for proof-reading our marketing material, marketing our seminars, maintaining and developing our database, and ensuring that our websites meet the highest standards of graphic design, speed and general functionality.  She also takes care of flight and motor car bookings for Gawie and all our guest speakers.


Annemarie Westcott

Annemarie Westcott is the chief course coordinator, who is responsible for the registrations for all our courses and seminars and handles most of our client liaison. Annemarie also takes care of the enrolment lists, ensures that venues are available for all our seminars wherever they are held, makes sure that the venues are properly set up and that the sound and visual equipment is working, and sees that everyone receives their seminar notes.

Henriƫtte Pretorius

HenriĆ«tte Pretorius is a course coordinator and assists Annemarie in all functions relating to the registration process.  She is primarily responsible for client liaison and general enquiries.

Marisa Janeke

Marisa Janeke is an attorney who obtained her BA LLB degree from the University of Pretoria. She served her articles from 2016 to June 2017, whereupon she was admitted as an attorney in July 2017. While serving her articles she gained extensive experience in the field of litigation and also performed various administrative and secretarial duties. She also worked as part of a team of secretaries and legal administrative staff, which helped her gain a thorough understanding of how a law firm operates, what is expected of its staff members and what their duties are.

Marisa has recently been appointed as a lecturer and is mainly responsible for the short courses offered by the School for Legal Training.