Two types of course

A one-day attendance course for those who prefer to receive study guidance by attending lectures in preparation for the third paper of the attorneys' admission examination and the self-study course for those who prefer to study on their own, without attending any lectures.

Features of the attendance course

  • Lectures are offered in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.
  • A special discount is available on the registration fee for people who register early.
  • The lectures will be offered in English
  • You can register at any time, but see the closing dates for registration below.

Characteristics of the course notes

  • The notes were written as an aid in preparing for the examination in attorneys' practice – (3rd paper).
  • They were written for candidate attorneys who want to prepare for this paper.
  • This is the most comprehensive and focussed study guide available for use in preparing for this examination.
  • They are currently only available in English.
  • The same notes are used for both the attendance and the self-study course.

Course content

The following topics will be discussed –

  • Legal practice and ethics
  • Litigation
  • Family law
  • Contract law
  • Commercial law
  • Agreement of sale
  • Lease agreement
  • Cession
  • Surety ship
  • Sale of business
  • Insolvency
  • Prescription
  • FICA

Closing date for registration

Registrations close one week before commencement of a course, but if you want to register after the closing date an additional fee of R190 is payable for late registrations at Cape Town and Durban.

Author and lecturer

The author of the course is Gawie le Roux, an attorney, conveyancer and entrepreneur from Pretoria. He has become known for his trusted courses in conveyancing and notarial practice under the brand “Centre for Conveyancing Practice”. This is a new venture of Gawie. These courses have been used with great success for more than twenty four years by legal practitioners throughout the country and in Namibia. The same recipe as been used in the development of this new course which contributed to the huge success of the conveyancing and notarial courses.