Four courses

These courses are based on the syllabus for the attorneys' admission examination and are intended to prepare any person who has a legal degree (BProc or LLB) or candidate attorneys' to pass the four board examinations.

There are four preparation courses, one for each of these prescribed examinations.

They are presented as intensive short courses and aim to provide candidates with the theoretical knowledge and understanding to pass these examinations.

The four courses are the following:

Course in court procedures - (Paper 1)

The course in court procedures includes the following:

1            High court procedure

2            Magistrate‚Äôs court procedure

3            Motor vehicle accident fund claims

4            Criminal court procedure

Paper 1 to be launched in 2019, Deo Volente.

Course in administration of estates - (Paper 2)

This course covers the syllabus for paper 2, namely, the administration of estates.  It deals with the purpose and drafting of a liquidation and distribution account, recapitulation statement, income and expenditures, as well as the drafting of wills and principles regarding intestate succession.

Course in general attorneys' practice - (Paper 3)

This course covers the syllabus for paper 3, namely, the duties, ethics and functions of an attorney, FICA requirements and the general drafting of contracts.

View Attorneys' Practice (Paper 3)

Course in accounting - (Paper 4)

This course covers the syllabus for paper 4, namely, bookkeeping for an attorneys' law firm (theory and practice).

Who should attend?

Any person who has a legal degree (BProc or LLB degree) can attend, since the aim of the course is to prepare attendees to write and pass all four board examinations.
While it is not a requirement for attendance purposes of any of these courses to be registered as a candidate attorney, you should take note that you will not be able to write the board examination unless you are a registered candidate attorney.

Gawie Le Roux

Gawie Le Roux