How to streamline the drafting and editing of legal documents to enhance the profitability of your commercial practice

Hi! My name is Monica Korf. I am a practising commercial attorney in Cape Town, with more than 22 years’ experience in the drafting of commercial agreements.

I have developed

a tailor-made course in word processing

aimed at attorneys, advocates, legal personal assistants and secretaries to teach them the skills needed to use MSWord effectively in simplifying the drafting and editing of legal documents.

Valuable hours wasted on editing your legal documents?

Does this sound familiar?

Before this course, after drafting complicated and lengthy agreements, I had to spend countless frustrating and unbillable hours on “panel beating” the agreement to make sure it was in a presentable format for submission to my clients and colleagues.

“Red face” due to incorrect paragraph numbers, cross references and typos

Despite all my efforts, I often ended up with a red face when an agreement was returned by clients or colleagues with incorrect paragraph numbers, incorrect references to clauses and typos highlighted. The standard and quality of the legal work were judged on these errors and not on the legal correctness of the contents.

But all this changed when I acquired the necessary skills to get the best out of the

powerful word-processing functions available in MSWord.

I now work smarter and not harder. I can focus on the legal contents and deliver legal documents of a higher standard.

This course will teach you how to deliver

consistently neat, correct and professional legal documents

faster to your clients and thereby increase your productivity and eventual profitability.

You might be wondering

how the course will benefit you?

I know exactly how you feel. In fact, I felt the same way when I started!

Over many years, through extensive research, I discovered how to use the various powerful functions of MSWord to draft, edit, protect and review legal documents better and more easily.

You will learn not to waste time on “trivial” matters such as figuring out why the pages and clauses are not correctly numbered, checking cross-references or inserting a table of contents manually. You will be able to do

much more work in less time, with fewer flaws and come-backs.

You will have a much more hands-on and confident approach when it comes to editing lengthy legal documents. You will be able to finalise any legal document in the presence of your clients during a consultation and thereby get the job done there and then.

That leads us to the next question:

Who else in your firm could benefit from this course?

The course will enable any legal personal assistant, legal secretary or paralegal to prepare legal documents of the same high professional standard expected from a modern, progressive law firm. It will ensure consistent technical correctness of documents which will

enhance the overall professional image of your law firm.

You might also be wondering

how this course differs from other ordinary MSWord courses?

This course focuses on specific word processing functions available for the drafting of legal documents. It is not a superficial course dealing with the maze of features available in MSWord, but rather a selection of task-driven functions for everyday use in the drafting of legal documents. I will explain the more challenging core functions of MSWord, which are required for effective legal drafting.

So, you can make legal drafting a pleasure!

I present the course on a practical level. All participants will be able to practise as they learn the skills during the course. Handy functions, tips and tricks will also be shared to make legal drafting a pleasure.

Must I bring my own laptop to the course?

Yes, you will benefit much more from the course if you can bring your own laptop, but if you can’t, you will still be able to follow me on the big screen.

Lastly, you may be wondering

what specific topics will be covered?

Here they are:

  1. Understanding the basic design and interface of MSWord
  2. Knowing what functions are available and applicable
  3. How MSWord can make legal drafting easier
  4. Basic drafting techniques
  5. How to auto-generate a “Table of Contents” and effect changes automatically
  6. How to auto-number clauses and sub-clauses on multiple levels
  7. How to insert cross-references between clauses and effect changes automatically
  8. How to use “Styles” to format an entire document in no time
  9. How MSWord can compare and combine different documents
  10. How to review and comment on documents
  11. How to use “Track Changes”
  12. How to protect your documents
  13. How to create and automate “Templates”
  14. Handy functions, tips and tricks
  15. How to create fillable fields in a document to achieve consistency in your firm and enable your clients to insert required information
  16. How to solve common drafting and editing problems


  • By attending this course, you (and any staff member) will be equipped to draft, edit and review legal documents faster, to be consistently correct and professional, and thereby keep up with the modern, technology-driven, fast-moving legal environment.
  • You will become more productive, more profitable and as a free bonus put the pleasure back into legal drafting!
  • You won’t have to spend on other software to achieve the same result.