What is the course about?

This two-day course provides the practical knowledge and theoretical background required to become a more effective administrative employee in a law firm. Learners are introduced to the various areas of law and the general legal framework in South Africa, and will learn about the core administrative systems and functions in a law firm. They will gain an understanding of legal procedures as well as essential legal terminology and concepts, and will be provided with practical guidance and knowledge that will help them to perform their administrative functions more efficiently.

Who should attend?

The course has been designed by legal professionals, under the guidance of Gawie le Roux, and is intended not only for personal assistants, secretaries, legal administrative staff and receptionists already working in a legal environment, but also for new employees embarking on an administrative career in the legal field.

What are the objectives of the course?

The main objectives of the course are to empower learners to become effective administrative employees and to make them knowledgeable about the functioning of the legal system in South Africa. After completing the course, learners should be excited and passionate about the law, as they will have had the benefit of guidance and acquired resources that will help them to pursue a rewarding career in the legal field.


The self-study course is aimed at those persons who are unable to attend the lectures, but who still wish to complete the course. Candidates can register at any time. The only requirement is that the course must be completed within two months after registration.

Features of the course

  • Comprehensive and user-friendly notes are provided.
  • The course must be completed within two months from the date that the learner registered for the course.
  • After two months has passed, or before that, if the individual feels ready, the learner must contact the office and request to write the evaluation.
  • The evaluation is an open-book test which is conducted in order to establish whether learners understand the work and are able to apply their knowledge in practice.
  • Once the learner has contacted the office, the evaluation will be emailed to the learner. The learner must then complete the evaluation between the hours of 08h00 – 16h00, or alternatively after hours, 16h00 – 08h00 (the next morning), and then email it back to us.
  • If the learner passes the examination we will issue the learner with a certificate.

Open-book evaluation

Learners are evaluated on the basis of an open-book test. The idea is not to test people’s memory, but rather to establish whether they are able to apply in practice what they have learnt during the lesson. During their evaluation, they are permitted to refer to the lecture material supplied to them, just as they would be able to use it at the office.

Presenter – Marisa Janeke

Marisa Janeke is an admitted attorney who obtained her BA LLB degree from the University of Pretoria. She served her articles from 2016 to June 2017, whereupon she was admitted as an attorney of the High Court of Pretoria. While serving her articles she gained extensive experience in the field of litigation and also performed various administrative and secretarial duties. She also worked as part of a team of secretaries and legal administrative staff, which helped her gain a thorough understanding of how a law firm operates, what is expected of its staff members and what their duties are.

Marisa has recently been appointed as a lecturer in the Centre for Conveyancing Practice. Her aim in presenting this course is to apply her knowledge in order to help secretaries and administrative assistants to develop a better understanding and gain knowledge of the legal processes and duties associated with a law firm.