High quality training manuals

High quality, informative manuals are made available after the seminars.
See below which topics are covered by our training manuals.

June 2017

Financial statements for sectional title schemes: Making sense of old and new legislative requirements

R 690
November 2016

Third generation innovations to sectional title legislation and prescribed management and conduct rules

R 790
January 2016

Maryna Botha on Homeowners’ Associations: An analysis of the most recent case law

R 570
April 2015

Gawie le Roux’s commentary on the Rental Housing Amendment Act 35 of 2014

R 790
March 2015

CPA Section 14 – Correct and incorrect methods of interpretation

R 790
May 2013

Management of sectional title schemes and home owners' associations: Important legal principles provided by the courts

R 390
April 2013

Drafting the memorandum and rules of home owners associations and other non-profit companies under the new Companies Act

R 490
October 2012

Business rescue proceedings under the new Companies Act: a one year review

R 290
September 2012

Third generation innovations to sectional titles by the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act

R 290
June 2012

Drafting a memorandum of incorporation under the new Companies Act

R 490
June 2012

Franchise agreements and the Consumer Protection Act: compliance and drafting

R 290

Other Practice manuals of the following seminars, presented by the Centre for Conveyancing Practice, are also available: